Alivia Roth // Baby


This little peanut started crawling just one week before she jet-setted to Atlanta to visit two of her Aunts: moi and Josie. She smiled her way into my heart and was as content as can be entertaining herself with the likes of tupperware and spatula and riding around with her Pops in the Baby Bjorn (Hangover-style). She has an odd fixation with what we like to call "motor-boating"; refer to the second-to-last image for evidence. She also digs her woobie (i.e. baby blanket) quite like Josie and I did. Back in the day, we would bring our respective woobies out to the breakfast table with us EVERY morning. For some reason, we found it particularly appealing to put the woobie up to our faces and smell them every so often. Don't ask why. It doesn't make sense. I realize this. Well one random fine morning, lil' Jo was telling one of her epic stories and paused to sniff her woobie. I, of course, was listening along and sniffing along. My oldest sister Tamie nonchalantly interjects, "Hold up, Jo and Ab gotta take a shot of woobie," and the phrase stuck. We spent many-a-years taking shots of woobie over breakfast. Turns out the apple doesn't fall far from the tree because I caught Liv taking a shot of her woobie! She's taking shots and motor-boating. Oh boy. What is in store for this little gal's future?