Bali // Indonesia


After spending nearly a month in Japan (more pictures from that later), we jetted off to meet Josie and Bryan in Indonesia to celebrate Josie and I turning 30. Adam and I started off in the Denpasar area, which was filled with a million tourists from Australia, so once Josie and Bryan arrived, we rented a car and drove off, spending the first pre-birthday days in several different AirBnB and hotel rentals around the island. Amazingly, Adam chauffeured us around unscathed. If you have ever been in Bali traffic before, you know what a triumph that is!

We first hit up a relaxing AirBnB bungalow rental in a quiet yoga town in South Kuta. The bungalow was part of a resort called La Joya, which was situated on a massive cliff overlooking the ocean. The views were absolutely stunning! Next, we hit up a gorgeous open-air house somewhat close to Tanah Lot. We ate breakfast at a table in a pool. It was pretty sweet. Tanah Lot was unfortunately unwhelming, but I am not a huge fan of touristy stops during busy times like that so that is no surprise really.

After Tanah Lot and our spectacular table-in-the-pool experience, we headed to Ubud where Bryan bought bananas from a lady screaming "Banana for monkey!" and fed the little rascals. We stayed for a couple of hours to survey the thickheaded tourists who insisted on playing keep-away from the monkeys. Let me tell you, monkeys do not mess around when it comes to bananas. There was hair pulling and skirt ripping, and monkeys jumping onto backs and scratching faces. It was slightly insane.

After Ubud, we traveled east to a quiet and more 'local' area near Manggis. We rented a beautiful open-air house right on the ocean and completely relaxed playing board games, reading, snorkeling, listening to music, getting massages, and chowing on homecooked meals. And then, late into the evening a super venomeous snake dropped in to say hello.