Bangkok // Thailand


We haven't spent more than a few days at a time in Bangkok but we have stopped through four times now I think. It is THE transport hub of Southeast Asia, and you basically have to travel through it to get anywhere else. And each time we've gone through, the city has felt more and more luxurious and cozy. On our way from Ko Phangan to Cambodia, we stayed for a couple of nights to indulge on a few city extravagances. We caught a movie, did a tiny bit of shopping, drank lots of delicious coffee at Drip Gallery, splurged on some beers at Mikkeler Bar Bangkok, perused a free art museum, and marveled at the organization of the precise quequeing system for the BTS trains! Yeah city life! ;)

We were especially happy to make it to Drip Gallery for a couple pour-overs this time around. Since it is so difficult to get nicely roasted beans in Thailand, this little cafe apparently roasts their own in an abandoned warehouse outside the city. It was a perfect little spot to sit and relax... people-watch through the windows to Siam... and take care of some work on the laptop. I adored their use of hand grinders and their exclusion of an espresso machine. None of that loud clanking and whooshing we are all so familiar with in most cafes!