Chiang Mai // Thailand

It has already been three weeks since we flew from Cambodia back to Thailand, and a lot has happened. Phew... time flies! I had a slight bout of bad luck when we woke early in Bangkok to catch a flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. I clumpsily twisted my ankle while walking down the stairs, and moments after I sat down on the landing holding my ankle in pain, I fainted. I came to in slow motion just like in the movies with Adam yelling "Abbie, can you hear me?" or something to that effect in my face. I tried to reorient myself, but I in fact fainted again moments later. I woke the second time to Adam yelling "Call an ambulance!" and the hotel staff waving some smelly thing in front of my nose while Adam was swatting him away. Or maybe I have the two awakenings in reverse. I can't remember. Either way, scary stuff. I'm such a klutz sometimes.

Luckily with a bit of tender care, my ankle was operating normally again within a week, and we had plenty of time to explore the wonderful town of Chiang Mai. I honestly did not even know of Chiang Mai before the start of this trip, but it is an adorable place indeed! It has a blossoming coffee scene (e.g. Graph Cafe and Artisan Cafe) and tastefully designed hotels with superb hospitality (e.g., Zzziesta and Chalnatt Hotel) popping up all over. Bonus tip: visiting in low-season means nice hotels at nice low rates! ;)

Although we stayed away from the notorious elephant riding, we did indulge in a day long cooking course with Yui, and Adam and I both loved it! Yui, who made a guest appearance as the guru of northern Thai food on Gordon Ramsay's show (she appears around 6:15), was a wonderful teacher as well as refreshingly outgoing.

To wrap up our time in Chiang Mai, I had another round of bad luck. This time it thankfully wasn't self inflicted, but a bit of tooth pain forced me to find a dentist. Long story short, I need a root canal ASAP. Excellent timing, eh?