Creative Mornings » 01

CreativeMornings is a free, monthly breakfast lecture series for creative types.

This morning I attended my first CreativeMornings lecture!  This month's Atlanta Chapter hosted Keith Wilmot.  Keith is the Vice President of Ignitor, an INTERNAL CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION GROUP of The Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta. His team is responsible for solving wicked business challenges by translating insight into actionable ideas.  

With Octane coffee and delicious pastries in hand, I eagerly listened to Keith's 20min shpeel about {Creativity at Work}... and I took some notes.  Basically, he itemized four creative behaviors that lead to CREATING COMMERCIAL VALUE: green housing, freshness, realness, and bravery.  Furthermore, he parsed out different personality types which can serve as effective "black belts" for bringing creativity alive.  His personal fav: those with INFECTIOUS ENERGY.  And the take-away message was something along the lines of THINK, LEAD, + BEHAVE DIFFERENTLY.  My fav quote of the lecture was definitely "love what you do"!

If you a lucky duck living in one of the many great cities around the world that participate in CreativeMornings (see list «here»), I definitely urge you to CHECK IT OUT!