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How the refrigerator killed the caveman.
Perry Fair (@perryfair) spoke last week at Atlanta's Creative Mornings lecture about how the refrigerator killed the caveman. According to him, the industrial revolution would never have existed without the refrigerator because people never would have had time to sit down and be creative without the relief from hunting and gathering. I think I followed him up through this point, but then after that, he lost me in a vast pool of pessimism about THE FUTURE. It seems to be that his biggest complaint about THE NOW and THE FUTURE is that everything is instantly shared and nothing goes through a review process, nothing gets erased, and people don't use pen and paper. He complained about Facebook only having a like button— and not a dislike button. Well, in that spirit, here's me hitting the dislike button. I am actually quite optimistic about the future of creativity! So put that in your pipe and smoke it... just kidding (wink)!

I actually enjoyed Perry's talk, particularly because it sparked some legit discussion. I'm in the camp that believes we should embrace change rather than complain about it, and that we should learn to use it to our advantage rather than harp on about how it used to be. By thinking outside the box, I should think "creatives" would be particularly apt at adjusting to change. After all, isn't there a saying that goes something like, THE ONLY THING THAT IS CONSTANT IN LIFE IS CHANGE? I guess not everyone agrees with me though, and I can thank Perry for pointing it out. Cheers to that!

Thank you, Creative Mornings ( + sponsors ), for putting together another wonderful gathering!! And thank you, Mailchimp, for bringing us delicious Little Tart pastries each and every month! Mmmm.