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No one shares a shitty brand. 
- Michael Tavani, @tavani


According to Michael Tavani over at Scoutmob during Atlanta's Creative Mornings breakfast lecture this morning, no one shares a shitty brand.  And I couldn't agree more.  When I think about the companies and events I can't stop talking about, they ALL have fantastic branding and user experiences.  My mouth moves about pretty and inspiring things– things that work well and things that "DELIGHT" me.  If you don't know about Scoutmob and the local goodness it has to offer, do yourself a favor and CHECK IT OUT!  Here are a few more fun factoid quotes from the man behind Scoutmob. 

Partner with someone with complementary skills.  Do unscalable stuff.  Create something remarkable.  Brand, not technology, is the great differentiator.  Do something delightful to delight your users.  Nothing better than being in the game.