Gålå // Norway

Last month Adam and I joined Adam's family on a ski holiday to Norway. It is an annual tradition of sorts for them to spend one week each winter at Gålå, and now I completely understand why. It is such a quaint and cozy place for getting a bit of exercise, fresh air, and dedicated family time. Up in the morning for a leisurely breakfast with fresh bread, cheese, and jam, out for the first skiing session of the day once the temperature rises a bit, back to the cottage in the afternoon to devour a cozy smørrebrød lunch spread, and then out again for a second skiing session, which is followed each night by an extravagantly home-cooked dinner and then board games or reading. Adam's dad, Peter, spoiled us immensely with his cooking — the ideal complement to long days out on skis.

I had never tried snowboarding or cross country skiing before, so I was rather keen to try both on this trip. Adam volunteered to teach me snowboarding, and Peter the cross country skiing. Although I got the hang of the carving on the board by the end, I never managed to leave the kiddy hill. But I did completely fall in love with the cross country skiing. I cannot wait to do it again!