Hong Kong // China


After spending two months in Southeast Asia, Adam and I were ready for a change! So we hopped on a plane and headed to Hong Kong with little planned but to spend time with some of our friends who recently moved there from Sydney. Lauren and Martin were excellent hosts showing us everything from the food scene (ahem suckling pig and all) to the bar scene and an adventure into nature. From the very start, Hong Kong surprised me with its surreal beauty while riding the bus onto Hong Kong Island from the airport. I was transported into a scifi movie where it seemed that immensely tall buildings and modern bridges had been greenscreened into a landscape of luscious mountains and blue ocean. Among the hubbub of this massively dense city, I was pleasantly surprised by the livability of it actually, and also constantly entertained by how much taller Adam was than everyone else. Our 150 sf (14 sm) AirBnB apartment added to the amusement of the size issue, especially when we discovered that our bed was just twin-sized (i.e., the American term for a single kid-sized bed).

One night we were sitting at a traditional diner with Lauren and Martin, and we had been chatting amongst ourselves about the fish in the tanks and the little pigs on display just waiting to be eaten. There was one fish in particular that was gigantic, and we had all been jokingly wondering how much it costs to have them prepare a fish that big. Lauren was keen to practice her Mandarin, which I was quite impressed with by the way, so she went ahead and asked the waitress. We quickly learned through Lauren's translation that that particular fish was for the "fengshui" of the restaurant, which meant that we had basically asked them how much it would cost to cook their dog.