Kaikoura // New Zealand


The area around Kaikoura was remarkable. I didn't capture much of the seal colonies on my Canon (here's a peek of the action on Instagram though), but seals are probably what Kaikoura is most known for! Admittedly, the seals were quite cool! We even managed to find a spot where the little baby seals went upstream a small river to play around while their parents were out hunting. It was so fun to watch them go crazy jumping and somersaulting all around in the water. It felt like a zoo exhibit! Apparently there are quite some whales in that area as well, but we didn't manage to spot any.

In the evening, we drove up to an area called Meat Works for a night of freedom camping. The night before we had stayed south of Kaikoura in Gore Bay, and the adorable Kiwi campsite caretaker had told us that this Meat Works place was not named for having a meat factory... but that it was named for grinding up surfers! ;) Adam was quite bummed to miss out on surfing this hot spot, but we enjoyed watching from the rocky shoreline nonetheless. It was a stellar sunset that evening with waves crashing 20 feet in front of our van and a view of snow-capped mountains behind our van. Wowee!