Kinfolk » Adam


I am absolutely crazy about this guy, and today is his birthday (well "today" in Australia that is)! What better day to celebrate him being in my life than on the very day he was born twenty-nine years ago. When I met Adam nearly four years ago, I knew there was something extraordinarily special about him. He's super clever and funny and handsome and sexy and adorably Danish. He undoubtedly values his friendships and clearly dedicates a lot of genuine time and effort to build and maintain the depth of his many, many close relationships. 

Adam is an adventurer at heart and is always up for meeting new people and experiencing new things. He's amazingly easy-going, remarkably spontaneous, and sensibly free-spirited. He enjoys a quiet Sunday with coffee and a book, but he is also the life of the party when out and about. We can talk about anything, and from day one, I knew he was the kind of guy I could depend on. He's the kind of guy that will walk alongside me, but will pick me up and nudge me forward when I need it and follow along behind when I need that too. He makes daily life fun and refreshing! Thinking of him makes me smile.

From the very start, Adam and I connected in an impressionable way, and even though we quite literally lived on opposite ends of the earth, we kept in touch over the years through emails and sporadic meetups around the world via work. Fast forward to today, and even though we still live on opposite ends of the earth, we are crazy enough to tackle the looooooooong distance for a bit and give the two of us a chance. I have no idea what the future holds, but I'm incredibly excited to see what life brings my way with this guy by my side! It's all pretty wonderful, and I'm in la la land.

Happy Birthday, babe!