Kinfolk » Ailar Javadi


I wrote a bit about my friend Ailar a while back when I visited her in New York, and I don't think I can say it much better. So here it is again...

I met this sweet gal over four years ago, and she blew me away: from totally different lands, but oh how similar we were! Growing up in Iran, she waited some crazy number of years for her ticket out of Tehran. Leaving behind her Dad and her close friends and a nearly finished college degree, she ventured over the great big ocean to make a new life for herself. And when I asked where her accent had disappeared to, she told me an unbelievable story about working at Circuit City or some place of the like and having customers make crazy assumptions about her because of her mispronunciations. She vowed to ixnay the accent and would go home each night after work and study and mimic recordings she had made of her fellow coworkers and friends' voices. She practiced and practiced until that business was gone.

Determination is clearly her middle name. And after finishing Round Two of undergrad and a mini business venture, she migrated to Atlanta for grad school. Our paths crossed one morning at a Starbucks and the rest is history. Super easy conversation, bundles of smiles, gut-busting laughter, common interests, bottles of wine, and loads of coffee. Sadly, she moved onto bigger things back in August and now finds herself living the dream in the big city. Although we are now a flight away rather than just a few blocks away, we picked up right where we left off. I'm sitting here loving on this awesome girlie and hitting myself for not snapping some portraits while we were strolling SoHo or the Park. It's gonna happen next time; that's a promise! 

Thankfully, I actually took some pictures of this lovely gal when she visited me a month or so ago back in Atlanta. Her smile is so contagious! I love it!