Kinfolk » Bryan Haynes


Meet Bryan. Bryan is my twin Josie's guy, and he's the guy who fits with Josie in that perfect "opposites attract" kind of way to make two soles better than one. He's a Southern, gun-carrying, F-150, Republican, bacon-loving kind of guy, and she's a Midwestern, train riding, car share, Democratic-leaning, salad-eating kind of gal. But... he's also a do-it-yourself, entrepreneurial, charismatic gentleman who follows the put-your-lady-first-and-shower-her-with-flowers motto, and she's a do-it-yourself, entrepreneurial, closeted urban homesteader woman who adores flowers and heart-felt romantic gestures. Together, they are a perfectly complementary pair.

Bryan has shown me how to tackle never ending to-do lists with a completely unstressed mind and to shoot for the moon even if at first you don't know how to build a spaceship. He's an entrepreneur to the core and always on the lookout for the next greatest business idea, and he has a knack for getting things done. He's also a charmer with a big heart, and he sure has captured Josie's love. When he makes Josie as happy as he does, I'm a big fan!