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I noticed a funny trend a couple of weeks ago: my Kinfolk project consists only of woman so far. Well that's just silly because there is a whole slew of men in my life who are equally superb peeps! And on the top of that list is, of course, my Pops! My Dad, whom I have lovingly renamed as Pops over the last couple of years, has always been one of my biggest supporters. He is always so darn proud of me, and he tells anyone who will listen all about what I've done and what I'm up to these days. He has given me so so so much, and even though I will never be able to re-pay him, I'm glad that I can at least make him proud!

When I picture my Pops, I picture him in a red flannel carrying his old school leather suitcase on his way out the door singing "Hi ho, hi ho... it's off to work I go... to drive my truck and earn some bucks... hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go". It's one of those vivid childhood memories that I will cherish forever! I don't even know for certain if Dad still wears flannels, because I unfortunately didn't make it back to Chicago this winter to witness the fabulous flannel fashion in person. Hopefully I will get a portrait of him in one of those flannels one day, but in the meantime, this summer portrait will have to suffice for Kinfolk since my Pops's Kinfolk is already well behind schedule. 

Just yesterday was my Dad and Mom's 33-year wedding anniversary! Can you believe it? Married couples very rarely make it that far these days, but leave it to my 'rents to get it done. Dedication and hard work should be my Dad's middle name. Pops taught me what good work ethic is all about and, without a doubt, mimicking that work ethic has carried me to where I am today. And although my world of research and engineering is a tad bit foreign to my Dad, he religiously watches 'Big Bang Theory' just to get a glimpse into my world of nerdy grad school and connect with me from afar. Pops is an intelligent man, and I only wish his parents had given him the same opportunities he has given me. I am eternally grateful!

I love you, Pops!