Kinfolk » Derek Dunagan


Derek is moving to Dubai today! Holy moly... I am going to miss this guy! Derek is incredibly kind-hearted and open-minded. He's also remarkably reflective and introspective. We have a plethora of shared interests, and therefore, can talk with ease for hours and hours from anything between politics and religion to travel and life experiences to programming and careers! I can count on Derek to make any given day a fun one. He's just that kind of person who brings positive energy, thought-provoking conversation, and a refreshingly unique perspective to the table. Every time we hang out, I leave thinking to myself... well, that was lovely. I'm so glad we did that!

Although I'm sad to have to say farewell to Derek, I'm relieved to know with absolute certainty that this is not goodbye forever. Derek, Derek's wife Tiffany (whom I absolutely adore and will be writing about very soon), and I are thankfully like-minded in our hopes and dreams for the future, and because of this, I am confident that our paths will cross many times over down the road— and most likely in the farthest corners of the Earth.

I wish you nothing but health, happiness, and wealth in your new life as an expat, Derek! As a former expat myself, I can say with considerable confidence that you grow the most when you are most uncomfortable. I know you are just a tiny bit apprehensive about tackling the start of this journey without your other half, but I also know that your courage, optimism, and determination will prevail, and you will flourish!