Kinfolk » Jeff Shephard


Once upon a time, I met a guy at a concert. We chatted while huddled over a tall circular table, and I felt like we really got to know each other. He was wearing a blazer over a T-shirt I think, and he sported longer shaggy hair and a friendly smile— the kind that said I'm cool but not too cool.  And after awhile, he said... "ya know, I think you and my wife would really like each other. I think you could be great friends." And man was he right!!  Nicole and I hit it off right away, and our friendship has blossomed into something wonderful.  How perfect is it that this guy knows his wife well enough to pick out some friends for her at a bar when she's out of town?  Now that's love.

I was just back in Atlanta for the month of March and got to hang with Jeff again. It was so awesome to catch up on things and see him doing so well! Sometimes life is filled with ups and downs that take friends near and far physically and mentally, but the good ones always manage to find their way back together again. I'm happy Jeff is one of the good ones and that we found our way back together again.