Kinfolk » Josie Kressner

According to, kinfolk (kĭn'fōk) are “friends or relatives” or “someone who you consider being a relative but really isn't”. Taking inspiration from this word as well as from Rebekka Seale's magnificent portrait series, I am starting a new personal project called "Kinfolk" to document all of the spectacular people in my life. And to get this party started...
Josie is my twin. She is wicked smart, crafty, beautiful, dependable, adventurous, and conscientious... all bundled into one. I am often asked what it's like to be a twin; I usually respond with "it's like being married from the day you are born... well, er, before you are born." From the start, you are connected with this other person. You share everything and learn to compromise and to consider the other person's thoughts and needs and hopes and dreams. You learn to communicate, and unfortunately sometimes you compete and compare too much. And in the end, you learn how to really love someone unconditionally. It's challenging, and also infinitely rewarding. Josie understands me in a way that no one else ever will, and she loves me in a way that no one else ever will. It's a remarkable thing to have that understanding and support and love surrounding me every single day.
I absolutely love this portrait of Jo. She is stunning! Contrary to popular belief, twins do not actually look exactly the same. Little nuances here and there sum up to make us completely different people. And I have to say, I adore Jo's eyes! They are bigger than mine, and this portrait captures her beautiful brown eyes perfectly. I love you, Jo... more than words can say.