Kinfolk » Shelby Friesen

When I first met Shelby, she was such a breath of fresh air— so smiley and open and down-to-earth and just plain cool. From day one, I felt a deeper connection with her than I do with some of my oldest friends, and it completely knocked my socks off. And then we connected on the whole identical twin thing, and I felt like we were friends made in heaven. I had never before been able to chat about the ins and outs of twinhood, and gosh, it's wonderful. I mean, she gets it. And she gets me.
And... she also gets food. This gal can cook! When she's in the kitchen, she's in her element and she makes magic. I think what I like most about seeing Shelby in the kitchen though, is not actually the fact that my tastebuds are satisfied; it's that when she's in that kitchen, I can tell she feels as confident and talented as I know she always should. She is truly a beautiful woman with such a giving and caring heart and such a cool indie style, and I like when she sees what I see.