Kinfolk » Tamie Jilka


This gal is one of my lovely sisters. As I sat on the ferry the other day sailing from Manly to Sydney CBD, I couldn't help but gawk at the madness of the moms and dads and babies and toddlers running around in complete disarray. I thought, "Wow... this is life for Tamie these days. How in the world does she do it with those two kids of hers?" She is raising two absolutely darling little humans, and it completely baffles me how she's managing it all so magnificently. A few weeks ago, Tam posted this to me...

Coffee in hand looking at work computer & scholastic book order with laundry going. This is my new mom life.

"Mom life" or not... you rock at it, Tam! Your caring and nurturing personality has completely flourished with the arrival of your babies over the last four years, but it's been there at your core from the very beginning. I love you dearly, Tam, and I am so proud of you! I'm absolutely overjoyed to call you my family.