Kinfolk » Tiffany Dunagan


The thing I absolutely cherish about Tiffany is that she is always surprising me. Every time I think I've got her figured out, she throws another curve ball my way, and I am reminded again how much of an awesomely dynamic person she is. Tiffany and her hubbie, Derek (whom I wrote about just recently), buck so many stereotypes I can't even keep track. Having gotten hitched just after finishing high school, their marriage is positively thriving almost ten years later. Instead of the unfortunately typical path young marriage can take, these two have pushed each other towards new endeavors, positive growth, and unexpected experiences. They equally challenge each other while equally supporting each other in an incredibly uplifting way. I am completely and utterly inspired by Tiffany's unconditional love for Derek, her commitment to paving her own path, her appetite to experience the world, her ability to continuously reinvent herself, and most importantly, her desire to help others.

Which leads me to the second thing I absolutely cherish about Tiffany: she is wonderfully giving and empathetic. I admire her deeply for the time and energy she dedicates to her "little sister" in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program and also to the international students she supports and unofficially advocates for at Georgia State University. Tiffany's resolve to help others in less-than-ideal circumstances is unmistakably genuine. She, without doubt, positively impacts those around her. She is a leader by example, which is in my opinion, the best kind.

Tiffany, although I am E X T R E M E L Y sad to have to say goodbye to you and to our always enjoyable hangouts, I will repeat what I wrote to Derek: I know with absolute certainty that this is not goodbye forever! I am confident that our paths will cross many times over down the road, and I cannot wait to explore the farthest corners of the Earth with you. I also cannot wait to see what you make of yourself in this new chapter of your life in Dubai. With your generosity and determination to improve yourself and those around you, I see nothing but an incredible future ahead for you. The world is your oyster!