Max + Rena // Wedding

Rena was the lucky duck whom was graced with the opportunity to share living space with me during first year of college. We probably adorn opposite sides of more spectrums than you can think of, but somehow we have learned to embrace the differences, laugh together, and learn from each other!


At least I can say I have learned a lot from her! I’m not sure the vice versa is true, but I can hope. In May this past year, Rena married the man of her dreams, Max. The two were destined for each other, seeing that they grew up attending the same Jewish summer camp every year. In fact, Max was Rena’s younger sister’s camp counselor. They did not, in fact, meet each other until after the end of college though. Weird how that works out. Anyway, I must say that this wedding was perhaps the most fun and exciting wedding I have ever been to! We danced (i.e. ran around in circles and jumped up and down and sang funny songs) from something like 3p until 3a. It was nuts! And I loved it!