Melbourne // Australia


Adam and I were in Melbourne for work a couple of weeks ago and stayed through the weekend. What a cool city!! It has such a fantastic vibe! We spent most of our time in Fitzroy, Carlton, and North Melbourne, but hopefully we'll make it back at some point to check out everything we missed in Richmond.

Auction Rooms // Coffee roaster, yummy breakfast/lunch, and a lovely ambiance
Clever Polly's // Cute place for a drink
7 Seeds // Coffee roaster, nice pour-over, delicious food, and a fun atmosphere
Assembly // Super pleasant coffee stop
Little Creatures Dining Hall // A bit loud, but a fun place to stop for Little Creatures beer
Rockwell and Sons // BEST burger I've had in a very, very, very long time
Min Lokal // Nice breakfast/lunch spot with communal tables and a local feel
Tune Hotel // Reasonably priced, clean, comfy, and a tad bit funky