Okefenokee Swamp


I hit up the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge for three days of kayaking this past weekend with my iPhone and vscocam in hand.

Day One // 12 miles on the Red Trail
Day Two // 10 miles on the Narrows
Day Three // 4 miles to Billy's Island
Total Gators // 131 spottings

Fun Fact Number One: the Narrows are crazy narrow!  I literally got STUCK.  I was paddling like a mad woman trying to free myself from the log underneath while crashing into the tree stump in front of me and the one to the right of me and the one to the left of me and the one behind me.  Get the picture??  Eek!  Fun Fact Number Two: Spanish Moss looks like death.  Fun Fact Number Three: 131 gators is just one too many for my liking.  I left Okefenokee with an unambiguous "See ya later, gators"!