Thanksgiving 2013

This year Josie and I hosted Thanksgiving at our humble abode with a few friends, and it was a jolly good time! Thankfully, Jo and Tim picked up my camera here and there so it actually looks like I existed at the party this time. As Jo's beaux Bryan pointed out, we had a chef (aka Shelby) and two scientists (aka Jo and myself) in the kitchen, so clearly we were bound for success. Wink. We started things off in the morning with a grits soufflé, scones, donuts, and mimosas (a few last minute swaparoos to the menu I wrote out the day before). Then we jammed out to a boatload of Christmas and non-Christmas tunes, relaxed, drank lots of coffee, knitted, perused The Kinfolk Table and Cereal Magazine, and snuggled with the pups all afternoon. Armed with Shelby's expertise on the bird, a seriously collaborative effort on the sides and desserts, and a precise— yet stress-free, chill, and easy-going— schedule (it's possible... I swear), we sat to eat a decidedly picturesque and equally scrumptious turkey dinner exactly when we aimed at 5 o'clock. We took turns around the table sharing what each of us are thankful for, and I gotta say, I am hugely grateful to have had such a wonderful day with such wonderful people! 

Round three rolled in later in the evening when Blythe and Will and their two-and-one-half kiddos joined us for apple pie à la mode, pumpkin cheesecake, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and Vesper martinis. Mmm mmm yummy. And now I will head to the gym. Cheers!