The Roths // Family


Alivia + Lynz + Jordan are quite the trio.  Each one of them radiate good looks and laughter on the outside and such kind hearts and giving spirits on the inside.  They have been dealt more bad hands than the average over these last few years, and yet, they carry on with an ease and grace that never ceases to amaze me.  When stress manages to creep up on me or life seems just a tad bit unfair, I think of Jordan.  I think of all he has been through and all the crazy obstacles he has faced, and then I remember how he remains positive and humble and carefree and outgoing through it all.  And I remember how he has taught Lynz these wonderful virtues too.  And then I tell myself to follow suit.

These three really are a cohesive unit.  I think Lynz and Jordan both had some doubts about parenthood, and well, it's pretty obvious to me that they are naturals— naturals at loving this little gal that they brought into the world and naturals at caring for her and putting her first and teaching her.  They are figuring things out as they go, and laughing and loving and working together along the way.  It's pretty marvelous to watch from the sidelines!

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