Tim + Brittany // Engagement

Tim is a dog whisperer. Cesar Milan, you better watch your back cuz Tim is a superstar with those crazy handsome pups, Yoshi and Tonka. 

Apparently Tim adopted Yoshi (the super awesome pit mix) back in undergrad at Vandy. One football game morning, Tim's friend borrowed Yoshi to "pick up girls" while tailgating.  Brittany (the dog-lover that she is) went crazy over Yoshi, but also being the smart girl that she is, called up Tim (Yoshi's actual pops) to chat it up rather than hittin' on the tailgate dude.  According to the cute couple, it wasn't exactly love at first site per say, but it is a love that has clearly blossomed into something real and beautiful!  Tim and Brittany will be married next fall, and I know for sure they will have a stellar wedding to celebrate the joining of their picturesque, little fam!