Vancouver, Canada // Travel

I traveled to Vancouver at the end of May for a conference, and I have to say, it felt like a city I wouldn't mind living in. And I'm kind of particular when it comes to that. The vibe felt fresh and chill at the same time, and it reminded me a lot of Seattle and perhaps a bigger version of Portland. Gastown and Yaletown are definitely worth a look-see. For one thing, they are both home to some delicious food (e.g., La Taqueria rocked my world with their yummy tacos and Revolver Coffee satisfied my latte cravings more times than I care to share)! But more than that, they each have a cool feel to them that gave me the impression interesting things are happening and new people are welcome. I definitely felt welcome in Vancouver. And I cannot say enough about how superb the customer service was! Plus, they have free wifi EVERYWHERE, and they have mega trees on the tops of ALL of their tall buildings! How sweet is that?