Wellington // New Zealand


We arrived in Wellington about two weeks ago via the ferry from the South Island. We were completely ready to revive ourselves with some city life and culture. And Wellington did not disappoint! The beer and coffee scene there provided Adam and I plenty of entertainment. I think one of my favorites was the few hours we spent at Garage Project tasting beer and chatting it up with the staff. Overall though, we indulged ourselves in food, beer, coffee, showers, and a toilet that didn't require getting dressed to use! ;P It was the perfect reviving interlude before we hopped back in the camper van to explore the North Island. To be honest, it took Adam and I both a few days back on the road in the wake of Wellington to readjust to van-life after having been reminded of the comforts of city-life in such a charming city.

Hot spots for the Wellington visitor:
» Garage Project stellar brewery and a cool vibe
» Customs Brew Bar for friendly service and a great cup of coffee
» Goldings Free Dive Bar for pizza from next door and local beers
» WBC Restaurant for a delicious dinner
» Fisherman's Plate for tasty pho... recommended to us by the lovely chap at Customs Brew Bar
» Wellington Chocolate Factory for delectable chocolates
» The Setup for a modern and affordable place to stay in the middle of everything